You can just signup and send your company details, then we set an attendance system for you. Once your company is registered, you will get an email with login details to start attendance system.

We also create web attendance (online submit attendance) in your attendance system login url. There you need to click on Submit Attendance to sign-in and sign-out. You use submit attendance from login page if you don’t have Attendance device. If you have attendance device, you need to download data import system and install in your computer.

Please go through our user guides to make your startup easy.

Yes, you can use attendance device with this system. You can use Facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics or RFID Card to punch attendance in attendance system. You can visit our shop to choose the device as per your need. 

Yes, you can use attendance system without attendance device as well. The employees can submit attendance from the web browsers.

No they cannot. The attendance system takes time set in the attendance device. If you are not using attendance device, then the system takes time based on the time zone assigned to the employee.

You can download and install attendance system desktop application which imports data from the attendance device.

Our attendance system is compatible with ZKTeco attendance device and some other manufacturers. If needed compatibility with other devices, you can contact us.

Yes, we have option to set time zone for different branches. So the employees can do attendance from different time zones.

Yes, it does. You can set different shift such as in hospitals and hotels. You can set different shifts like morning, day, evening and also you can specify day offs and night offs.

Yes, it is possible, you can choose any fingerprint device from our time attendance shop and implement with our online attendance system.

Attendance data import system is a desktop application which pulls the attendance logs from attendance device and  upload into online server. You can download from here.

The price of biometric attendance device depends on the features it have. You can check the price of different attendance machines from our shop.

The price of software depends upon the modules you choose and the number of employees you have in your office. You can choose time attendance system or leave management system or both in your office. You can find all details in your pricing page

It depends upon your requirement. As payroll preparation and presentation varies over different companies, you can first contact our marketing team to find whether our payroll system meets your requirement or not. Also, please note that, we can customize our payroll system to make compatible with your needs.

Yes, we have all these features but please make sure that you purchase both time attendance system and leave management system.

Yes, it is possible, please contact us for more details.

Please find the details here

We provide online time attendance solution which is centralized. You can have employees all over the world.

Please visit plans and pricing page to get more details.