Features of time attendance system

Time attendance system is all about recording employee clock in and out, calculating hours worked by employees in a  given period such as a day, week, month or year.  You can track absenteeism and late comers. Online Time Attendance Management System will make the employees more responsible by bringing punctuality and consistency in their attendance. The system provides you the report of the employees worked hours and helps you in payroll management.

This attendance system allows all employees to view their attendance records as well, they can view how punctual they are, hours worked, upcoming holidays, etc. The interaction with the system helps employees manage time and decrease absenteeism in the office.

Online access: anytime, anywhere
The system is on an online server so that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Auto Logs import from Device
A desktop application will be installed in a computer in your office network for importing data from the attendance device if have chosen to implement time attendance device. This desktop application (Data Import System) will connect all the attendance devices in your office network and then it will upload the attendance logs to the online server so that it can be viewed from web.

Supports Multiple Attendance Devices
You can put more than one attendance device in your office. Employees can sign in from one device when they come to office and sign out from another device when they leave the office. Attendance logs from all the devices are pooled and the system manages the data accordingly.

Quick Setup and Easy to learn
The attendance system can be set up in just few hours. As the system is easy to learn, you can train yourself or learn by taking training from our support team.

Supports Multiple Shift with Duty Roster, day/night offs
In attendance system, you can setup multiple shifts for employees working during different time of the day. Duty Roster is available so that you can set duty for each and every employee. The late coming and early leaving from the office will be automatically tracked by the system with the help of the Duty Roster set for each employee. If duty roster is not set, then the system takes the default shift for managing the late coming/early leaving remarks.

Supports Multiple languages and Dates systems
The system is available in multiple languages. Currently, it’s available in 3 languages; English, Russian and Chinese(Mandarin). You can switch from one language to another whenever you like. If you want to additional language(s), you can let us know and out team will customize the system for you. 

Supports  different attendance devices 
The system is compatible with attendance devices made by different manufacturers. We can use different types of input such as Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, RFID Card and password to record attendance. You can also record attendance from a web browser.

Manage Overtime/under time
The system calculates the work hours of each employee for each day. You can see overtime and under time of each employee. You can mark approved overtime in the system to help you manage payrolls for approved overtime. The system also has automated overtime posting feature which you can define based on your company’s policy.

Manage Holidays
Holidays are very dynamically manageable. You can set holiday for each department and branch. Further, you can define your own groups within your company to set holidays for each group individually, mix of groups or all groups.

Day Off Work Posting
In day off posting, you can record the worked hours of the employees who have worked on weekends (Saturdays, Sundays) and on public holidays. For work done on these days, you can entitle them leave so that they can take replacement leave.

Personal Attendance
In personal attendance, you can see the attendance of an employee for a given month or a date range. You can see the total worked hours, days on leave, overtime done, late coming and early leaving, days worked on weekend/holidays, etc.

Daily Attendance
In daily attendance report, you can find the people who is present, what time they have arrived and left the office, who is late and who left early of a given day. Further, you can check people’s leaves and days off.

Monthly Attendance
In monthly attendance, you can view monthly attendance of all the employees for a given month. You can see the total working days, worked days, holidays, leave days, late days, worked hour and more on this report. This report is the foundation for payroll generation.

Annual Attendance Report
In annual attendance report, you can see the attendance of an employee for the selected year. You can see the total working days, worked days, holidays, leave days, etc on this report.