Employee Profile format for you cloud HR Software

Job Appointment

Appoint and record personal details, official details, employee address, emergency contacts, etc of an employee using this Cloud HR Solution

Print Appointment letter directly and handover the job description from the system. 


Scan and upload different documents such as Resume, Experience Letters, Academic Certificates, etc and digitize all the HR documents.

Print Experience letters, Release letters, Salary Certificates, etc from this Cloud HR solution.

Transfer form in Cloud HR System

Transfers and Promotions

Transfer different persons from different branches and departments and issue the transfer letters from the system.

Promote different persons from one designation to another and issue the promotion letters from the system.

Rewards and Disciplinary Actions

Give rewards and recognitions to the performing persons and motivate them.

Take disciplinary actions to the required persons for behavioral correction and performance improvement. 

Performance Appraisal template for Cloud HR

Appraisals, Contracts and Terminations

Create Appraisal Template with a very dynamic set of your own defined questions and assign appraiser and persons to be appraised.

After appraisal, renew the Job contracts or terminate the job.