Manage your HR online

Human Resources Management has become one of the most crucial task in an organization. With Cloud HR  integrated with time attendance system, leave and payroll management solution you can manage your people in a more efficient way. 

Job Appointment
During the appointment, you will be to record, personal details, official details, employee address, emergency contacts, etc of an employee. Appointment letters can be printed out from the system directly and dynamically you can manage the appointment letter. 

Job descriptions
Once you appoint the employee, you will be able to handover the job description from the system. 

You can scan and upload different documents such as Resume, Experience Certificates, Academic Certificates, etc of all the employees. This will help you digitize all the employee documents. 

Employee hierarchy will give you overview of your organization structure giving you more flexibility to dynamically plan your team. 

Here, you will be able to track the transfer of different employees from different branch and departments. You will are able to issue the transfer letter from the system as well. 

Here, you will be able to track the promotion of different employees from one designation to another. You will are able to issue the promotion letter from the system as well. 

Rewards and recognitions provided to different employees can be tracked down here. 

Departmental Actions
Here, you can view the different departmental actions taken against the employees. 

Job Contract & Reminders
Job contracts can be kept in the reminder and then you will be able to record and print job contracts from here.  The expiring job contracts will be listed out as well.

You can keep record of performance appraisals done for different employees. This will help you track the performance of your employees. 

In case if you need to terminate job of the employees, you can make record and issue the termination letter from the system. 

Different Certificates
You can print different certificates such as experience letter, CIT Release letter, Salary Certificates, etc from the system. You can modify the template as per your need.