Start with a free online attendance system in your Not-For-Profit Social Organization

If your Not-For-Profit Social Organization has employees less than 20, then the time attendance system – Free Edition is for you. It is free for 1 year. After 1 year, you need to upgrade to another edition. You can check pricing details here.

We aspire to see many Not-For-Profit Social Organizations also use an attendance system. When it comes to affordability and choosing the technology, we expect your organization to go for an online attendance system without thinking about the cost.

In free online attendance tracker, we provide only the attendance management system. It does not cover the leave management module. The implementation of the free employee attendance tracker can help your organization with attendance management and thus will support payroll preparation.

The system can be used with or without Biometric Attendance Device. If you need an attendance device, then you need to purchase it. Alternatively, you can go for a password attendance system or app attendance where the employees record their attendance from a web browser/app using their passwords.

Further, if you don’t want your employees to record attendance through password, then you can enter the data manually as well. However, you need to maintain a register and at the end of the day, you can enter the attendance logs into the attendance system. This will help in calculating work hours, finding late comers and support in payroll preparation.