Features of leave management system

Implementation of leave management system along with online time attendance system makes the time attendance and leave management more complete, elaborate and meaningful.

You can manage different types of leave such as Annual Leave, Sick Leave, etc. You can organize and manage the employee opening and entitled leave as well. You can keep record of leaves taken. Employees can apply for leaves online and can be approved from the email. This helps manage leaves taken, proposed,  planned and remaining leaves of all your employees. This leave report gets merged with the reports of attendance system and give meaningful results.

You will be able to manage the official visits of the employees like managing leaves. The official visit plans and applications can be managed, applied and approved from email. The official visit report also merges with the attendance report and give more meaningful report.

Define Leave Type and Policy
You can define different types of leave such as  paid or unpaid and sick, casual, maternal or any other kind of leave. You can set which leave is available for how many days, if an employee can be allowed to apply if leave balance is zero. You can set different type of official visits as well. Official visits can be for field works, training, seminars, customer supports, etc.

Send Leave/Official Visit Application online
Employees can check their leave balance and leave taken from their login. They can apply for leaves online. These leaves can be approved online or approved from the email by the supervisor. This will decrease paper work in the office. Official visits can also be applied and approved online similarly to leave applications. 

Leave posting
If leave/official visit is not applied or approved online by the employees, the administrator can post the leave/official visit taken as well. Also, the administrator can bulk apply for the group of employees. 

Personal Leave Record
The Personal leave record allows you to view records of an employee’s leaves and remaining leave balance of each type of leave. Personal leave record further allows you to view types of leaves, reason for leaves, who approved those leaves and more. All these features will help you better manage leaves/official visits in the office.

Leave Summary Report
Leave summary report is very similar to personal leave report but is a feature where you can view leaves entitled/taken and leave balance of all your employees together.

Personal Official Visit Report
Personal Official Visits report is the same as personal leave record but allows you to view more information about official visits such as reason, who approved and more.

Official Visit Summary Report
In this report, you can see the official visit done by all the employees in a given date range.