Time attendance system overview

Switch from paper based to online attendance system

If you are using an attendance system where the employees punch their attendance in a register, it’s time for you to switch to an online attendance system. You will get speed, accuracy and ease in your attendance management using time attendance system online. Not only you will get electronic attendance system but also an online attendance systemleave management system and payroll management system.

Furthermore the system can be used as an student attendance software in colleges and schools for taking attendance. You can also notify the student’s absenteeism via SMS to the guardians of the students by using the system.

There are several reasons to use online attendance system. The following are few of the reasons to choose attendance system.

Access from anywhere
As the system is online, you can access and view the attendance record from anywhere in the world. You will access the system via a provided company url to you. For example, http://yourcompany.eattendance.com.

Multiple Options for Attendance Recording
You can use different methods of recording attendance in your office. Facial recognition, Fingerprint Biometrics, RFID Card Method or PIN system can be used to submit online attendance by your employees. You can choose according to your convenience and affordability. Apart from devices, another method is password system where the employees the submit attendance from web browser. In case of web browser attendance submission, the system tracks the IP address of the device that submitted the attendance. If employees are submitting attendance from unauthorized IP Address, the admin(s) will get a notification in their inbox stating that someone submitted attendance that was unauthorized.

Automatic Data Retrieval
You can use attendance device or submit attendance from the web browser. If you use attendance devices such as fingerprint reader or a proximity card to record attendance, then the data is retrieved from the attendance device(s) and uploaded to online attendance system. The data is automatically synced from your device to your online attendance system with a help of data import tool. The data import tool is a desktop application which is installed in your local computer and works as the bridge between the attendance device and the online server. You can download data import tool from here.