Find some useful downloads that will help you to understand & implement attendance system

Some useful links
ZKSoftware Desktop Attendance System

Eattendance Data Import Desktop app
If you are using attendance device (Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Reader or RFID Card Reader) with your attendance system, you need to install data import system to retrieve attendance logs from the device.  You can download time attendance apps based on your operating system.

Data Import Application for 32 Bit Windows Operating System (DOWNLOAD)
Data Import Application for 64 Bit Windows Operating System (DOWNLOAD)

Instruction for downloading and installing attendance system – data import system
STEP 1: Download the file and save

Unzip the downloaded file to get setup and Read me file.

STEP 2: Click setup icon to install data import system

Go through Read Me file to know more.

STEP 3: Follow the instructions on screen