Small Office: online attendance system for 25 employees

In Small Office Edition of time tracking system, you can add up to 25 employees. You can choose time attendance and leave management system based on your need. If you have more than 25 employees, you need to upgrade to Corporate Edition.

The implementation of attendance system can help small and medium sized companies a lot in attendance management and thus will support in payroll preparation.

The system can be used with or without Biometric Attendance Device. If you need attendance device, then you need to purchase it. Alternatively, you can go for a password attendance system where the employees punch their attendance from a browser using their passwords.

Further, if you don’t want your employees to punch attendance through password, then you can enter the data manually as well. For this you need to maintain a register and at the end of the day, you can enter the attendance logs into the attendance system. This will help in calculating work hour, finding late comers and support in payroll preparation.