Start managing your payroll online

Managing Payroll has been always a challenging and time consuming task. With online payroll management system integrated with time attendance system, you can manage your company payroll in a more efficient way. Once the payroll is generated, every employee will be able to see their payslip, tax payable, insurances, provident fund, etc. This will ensure swift communication regarding payroll in the company.

Define Entitlements and Deductions
First of all, you need to define different types of Entitlements of the employees. The entitlements can be basic salary, different kind of allowance, provident fund, medical facilities, etc.

Further you can define different kind of deductions such as Advance Salary, Salary Tax, etc.

Tax Rule
You need to define the government salary tax for each year. You can include different types of tax parameters while defining tax rules.

Define Salary for each employee
You can define salary for each of the employees. The employees can be full time, part time on contract basis, daily basis, hourly basis, etc. You set the salary effective date, different kinds of entitlements and deductions applicable, Income TAX payable, Provident fund, etc.

Monthly Payroll Generation
You can generate payroll of your employees for given month. Once the payroll is generated it needs to be approved. When it is approved, it will be available for all the employees to view so the employees can view how much they are paid each month.

Bank Advice
When the payroll is generated, you can send a bank advice to the bank to deposit salary in the employees’ accounts.

Monthly Pay slip
The employees will be able to see the salary they have earned, the provident fund, Tax, other deductions and more online.

TAX Payable report
The system will generate Income Tax payable report for each employee each month. This helps manage salary tax for each month.

Provident Fund Report
The system will generate Provident Fund report of each employee for each month as well as for all the employees. This helps to deposit provident fund amount in Employee Provident Fund.

Note: We avail payroll management software only to those we closely match what we have developed. Please contact us for more details. We can modify as per your need as well based on what we have now.